Challenge: To implement an automated process to create a coborrower contact record with prefilled values from a borrower contact page.

About Project

Period: August – September 2022

Client: Treadstone Mortgage

Subject: Automated Record Creation: Building a Triggered Flow with Prepopulated Values

Treadstone mortgage is a leading mortgage lending company dedicated to helping individuals and families achieve their dreams of homeownership. They offer a wide range of financial solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each borrower. They are committed to providing flexible and affordable mortgage options, empowering clients to make informed decisions about their home financing.

  • Treadstone mortgage leverages Salesforce to streamline and enhance its mortgage lending operations.
  • By harnessing the capabilities of Salesforce, Treadstone mortgage gains numerous benefits in managing customer relationships, automating processes, and driving operational efficiency.
  • Salesforce provides them with a centralized platform to store and manage customer data, enabling a comprehensive view of each borrower and their loan history.
  • This holistic view allows its loan officers and customer service teams to better understand customer needs, provide personalized assistance, and deliver exceptional service throughout the lending journey.

Our Task Was

  • With Salesforce’s robust automation features, Treadstone mortgage can automate various tasks and workflows, reducing manual effort and increasing operational efficiency.
  • In one of their projects assigned to our team, they want the powerful automation tools of Salesforce in action to create a co-borrower contact page using prepopulated values from a newly created borrower contact page.
  • By fulfilling this, the mortgage lending process becomes more efficient, minimizing duplication of effort and providing a seamless user experience for borrowers and loan officers alike.


  • Treadstone mortgage wanted to create a separate contact page for the Coborrower so that they can include his email address when sending mass marketing emails.
  • We designed Record triggered flows to achieve this. So they could create a brand-new contact page for the Coborrower without doing a single manual assignment of values to the fields.
  • The fields of the new page will be automatically gets populated with values of the already existing Borrower contact page. It is all possible with 100% automation offered by RT flows.
  • Using record triggered flow, relevant information from the borrower contact was extracted and automatically prepopulated in the co-borrower contact page. This eliminated the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors or omissions.
  • The flow was configured to seamlessly link the two contact pages, ensuring accurate and consistent data across both records.


  • By leveraging the power of RT flows, you can automatically populate the fields of the new co-borrower contact page with values from the existing borrower contact page.
  • The flow will retrieve the necessary information and assign it to the appropriate fields, such as email address, without any manual intervention.
  • This automation became particularly useful when sending mass marketing emails, as having a separate contact page for the co-borrower allows you to include their email address in the recipient list.
  • By streamlining the process through RT flows, Treadstone mortgage could effortlessly create the co-borrower contact page and ensure that all relevant information is accurately captured.

Screenshots from the Record Triggered Flow

Record triggered flow configuration
High level overview of Record triggered flow to create coborrower contact page


With 100% automation provided by RT flows, Treadstone mortgage could effectively manage the creation of separate contact pages for co-borrowers, enhance marketing efforts, and maintain a seamless workflow in mortgage lending operations.