Business Challenges

In Salesforce list view and reports, one can view records

  • Owned by the logged in user
  • Created by any user by typing in the name of that user in the filter section.

It may be challenging for mortgage firms to gather and consolidate data on all loans created by a viewing user. Users may have varying preferences for how they want to view and analyze loan/lead data. Customization and improving user Experience is essential to increase productivity. Addressing these challenges and implementing the suggested solutions will contribute to the development of a reliable and user-friendly system for viewing all loans created by the viewing user.


Our Solution

  • We implemented custom reports that allow users to view data according to their needs. Provides a user-friendly interface with intuitive design to enhance the overall user experience.
    • Utilize robust reporting tools to provide real-time visibility into the loans associated with the viewing user.
    • Dynamically show records created by a logged in user in a list view and via reports.
    • Customized the standard report format by adding custom formula fields and applied filters so that the viewing user can easily see the status of all the loans created by him.
    • We customized this report in a way to view records created by the logged in user and the current ownership, status of the loan, age etc. This report can be built for the ‘Lead’ object also.


Report view

Dashboard view