Challenge we faced: To implement the capability to connect data from multiple sources and create interactive dashboards.

About Project

Period: July – September 2022

Client: Freedom Capital

Subject: Streamlining Mortgage Lending Operations: Interactive Dashboards and Custom Buttons

Freedom Capital is a prominent mortgage lending firm known for its commitment to providing financial solutions that empower individuals to achieve their homeownership dreams. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Freedom Capital offers a wide range of mortgage options tailored to meet the unique needs of borrowers. Their expertise in the lending industry, coupled with a seamless application process, makes Freedom Capital a trusted choice for those seeking mortgage financing.

Our Task Was

  • The users of Freedom Capital needed some feature within their Salesforce instance which allows them to create custom buttons and add them to list views to perform specific actions or tasks.
  • These buttons can automate processes, enhance user experience, and increase productivity within their Salesforce organization.
  • Although Freedom Capital is using the world’s no 1 CRM with the best-in-class native analytics, providing customizable reports and dashboards, their team lacked the capability to connect data from multiple sources and creating interactive views of that data.
  • They needed to integrate and analyze data from various sources thereby gain valuable insights into their business processes, customer behavior, and overall performance.


We fulfilled their first requirement by creating a custom list button for standard and custom objects in Salesforce.
  • We can select the behaviour of the button by choosing the Content Source, which can be either a URL or JavaScript code.
  • We can configure the Display Type, such as whether it should open in a new window or in the current window.
  • After creating the custom list button, we added it to the list view by editing the list view layout.
  • Now, when they navigate to the list view for that object, the custom list button should be available and ready to execute the specified action or task.

We suggested CRM analytics aka Tableau CRM as the solution to their business needs and built interactive dashboards for them.

  • Identified data sources: We determined the various data sources that contain relevant information for our analysis. These sources included their CRM system, external databases, spreadsheets, marketing platforms, financial systems, and more.
  • Extracted and transformed data into a common format: We extracted the data from each source and transformed it into a common format that can be easily integrated. This step may involved cleaning and standardizing the data, resolving inconsistencies, and merging duplicate records.
  • Data modeling and integration: Designed a data model that represents the relationships and structure of the integrated data. This step involved mapping the data fields from different sources to the corresponding fields in the data model.
  • Data visualization and reporting: We used CRM analytics tools to create interactive views and reports based on the integrated data. These tools provided a user-friendly interface for designing and customizing visualizations, such as charts, graphs, dashboards, and interactive maps. We have chosen the appropriate visualizations that best represent the insights Freedom Capital want to convey and allow users to interact with the data.


  • The custom buttons simplified complex tasks by consolidating multiple steps into a single click. This intuitive user interface made it easier for employees to navigate through the mortgage lending system, resulting in a more positive and seamless user experience. Productivity increased by a factor of 10%.
  • With CRM Analytics, users of Freedom Capital reported a 20% increase in user productivity and a 25% jump in close rates.


Sample Custom button in the Contact Related list
CRM Analytics Lead Dashboard


The custom buttons streamlined and automated key processes, reducing manual effort and saving time for employees. This improved efficiency allowed the company to process mortgage applications more quickly and effectively.

With the interactive views in place, Freedom Capital was able to achieve their specific needs and goals.  Users could explore the data and perform ad-hoc analysis. They were able to drill down into specific data points, filter and segment data, and apply various analytical techniques to uncover trends, patterns, and correlations. This empowered users to make data-driven decisions and gain actionable insights.