Business Challenges

  • Lead scoring is a crucial aspect of the sales and marketing process, helping firms prioritize and allocate resources to leads that are more likely to convert. Here are some business challenges related to lead scoring faced by mortgage firms.
  • The mortgage application and approval process can be lengthy and complex. Lead scoring models need to account for various stages of the customer journey, and accurately predicting the likelihood of conversion can be difficult due to the numerous variables involved.
  • Determining which factors are most indicative of a lead’s likelihood to convert is crucial for effective lead scoring. Mortgage firms may struggle to identify and prioritize the most relevant variables, leading to suboptimal scoring models.
  • Mortgage transactions may involve multiple touchpoints and interactions. Attributing the success of lead conversion to specific marketing or sales activities can be challenging, making it difficult to refine lead scoring models based on past performance. While automation is essential for efficiency, there’s a need to balance it with the human touch, especially in industries like mortgages where personal relationships can be crucial. Finding the right balance between automated lead scoring algorithms and human judgment is a challenge.
  • Borrower profiles can change rapidly based on life events, economic shifts, or changes in financial status. Adapting lead scoring models to reflect these dynamic profiles requires constant monitoring and adjustments.


Our Solution

Lead scoring helps to prioritize leads based on a point based system where you can create rules to assign points to find the best leads. This will help the sales team to focus on high quality leads with the help of a few custom fields which help in prioritizing leads. The rules can be based on the borrower’s credit score, debt to income ratio, Readiness to pay down payment, Coborrower credit score etc. These criteria can be tailored to meet your requirements.

We can score leads based on a multitude of such factors and can create a list view as well as report based on this data. The LOs can identify the best leads for an immediate follow up without spending time on bad leads.

The scoring for leads in below list view and report are made by making use of a free App exchange package. Einstein lead scoring, Lead scoring provided out of the box by Account Engagement (Pardot) can also be made use of.


List view

Report view