Business Challenges

  • Mortgage firms encounter several business challenges when tracking lead conversion rates.
  • The extended timeline from initial lead generation to loan closure introduces potential bottlenecks and uncertainties, making it challenging to accurately measure conversion rates at each stage.
  • Integration issues between different systems and data sources can also hinder the seamless flow of information, making it difficult for mortgage firms to obtain real-time insights into lead conversion performance.
  • Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive and adaptable tracking system that considers the intricacies of the mortgage industry while maintaining compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Mortgage firms often needs an efficient tracking system which can provide insights into the percentage of lead conversion based on the created rate, lead source and/or lead owner.


Our Solution

  • We customized the standard lead report of Salesforce to calculate the number of records gets converted in each month for each lead owner.
  • The percentage of lead conversion was calculated with the help of a custom formula field.
  • The percentage of leads converted as well as those not converted can be viewed in separately.
  • The lead conversion rate can be viewed against each lead owner on a monthly basis according to the lead created date.


Report view

Dashboard view