Business Challenges

  • Our mortgage clients mostly face difficulties in Monitoring Loan Officer Workload.
  • It is difficult for them in assessing whether loans are evenly distributed among loan officers.
  • They were in need of a solution to tackle the lack of visibility into the active involvement of loan officers in the loan handling process.
  • By identifying active users, they would be able to determine the number of unique users actively participating in the lead generation and conversion process.
  • The same method can be applied to find the unique users who are actively involved in closing more loans.


Our Solution

  • We created reports to view if the loans are evenly handled by all the loan officers. The number of unique users will tell how many loan officers are actively involved in the process. Also, the number and status of loans/leads associated with each loan officer can be viewed in the report. The total number of loans/leads and the total unique users will be summarised on top of the report.
  • We leveraged the out of the box reporting functionalities within Salesforce to calculate and display the number of unique users actively engaged in loan processing.
  • The report summarizes key metrics at the top of the report, providing an overview of the total number of loans/leads and the total unique users involved.
  • Enable decision-makers to quickly gauge overall team performance and workload distribution.

By implementing these solutions, the organization can gain valuable insights into the efficiency and workload distribution of loan officers, ensuring a more informed and strategic approach to managing the lending process.


Report view

Dashboard view