“Take Five Consulting took no delay in understanding our process and challenges and helped us to automate our workflows particularly our UW workbench. They are very knowledgeable with the system. They’ve really helped us in transforming our Encompass, simplifying workflow and improving efficiencies.”

Derek ChapmanPresident, Local Mortgage Inc

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Take Five! They are quick to respond and fix errors. It’s also a huge benefit to have “outside of the box” thinkers. We will think of a project that we aren’t even sure if it’s possible and all we have to do is describe it to them. They take that idea and more times than not, they are able to turn it into a reality! We’ve really enjoyed working with them. 😊 ”

Nellie WattsProcessing Manager Simplify Home Loans | NMLS # 1569026

“Take Five Consulting was instrumental in setting up our Encompass systems as we moved into a banking platform. They do a really good job and we are glad we decided to work with them. We appreciate their attention to detail and all of the personal attention we received every step of the way. It was like having in house programmers here at our fingertips. 😊 ”

Alysson BrowningController, Hudson United Affiliates

“I’ve been blown away by the responsiveness and professionalism shown by the team at Take Five Consulting, once they started Jungo Consultation for us. Their extensive industry knowledge highlighted key areas of improvement in our workflow. They have helped us in automating our workflows, managing loan documents and seamlessly integrating Jungo with Floify.  Looking forward to our next project together.”

Rosy RamManaging Broker, Freedom Capital Inc

“Encompass is a software which is highly customizable in different aspects. Guidance provided by Take Five Consulting on our Encompass platform is invaluable. These enhancements continue to save us time and effort every day across multiple departments. I sincerely recommend Take Five Consulting to any mortgage banker in search of enhancements for their Encompass LOS system.”


Michele MachielsSr. Encompass Administrator, Pacific Residential Mortgage, LLC

“Take Five and their Loan Origination team provided us with an end to end Encompass implementation and we currently use their Encompass on a day to a day basis. The staff at Take Five Consulting helped us all through the installation, admin settings, works flows and follow up. Their extensive industry knowledge has helped us in implementing the best practice recommendations and solutions. We are very happy to have them as our vendor.”

Michael HillTransaction Coordinator, Direct Finance

“It was a wonderful experience to work with a technology company that knows and understand the mortgage industry. Over the years of working with Take Five, they have made our processes leaner and have used the best practices and technology to help us market our services better and reach our prospective clients. Thank you to the team at Take Five.”

Brian HeadCorrespondent Executive, Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions