Business Analyst

Nikhil Thomas is an experienced Business Analyst with proven work experience in different Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Tools. Skilled in Salesforce CRM Setup, Product Development, WordPress, Balsamiq Mockups, Project Management and Web Development, Nikhil has worked with multiple clients in U.S. mortgage industry on multiple projects. Nikhil’s area of expertise includes implementation and customization…

Project Manager

Ajeesh Jose is an immensenly experienced Project Manager with more than 12 yrs of digital marketing expertise. Ajeesh is well versed and skilled in Digital Strategy, Creative direction, Online Paid advertising, Web/application consulting, Business analysis , Website conceptualization, Information architecture and Project management. Ajeesh has managed many projects related to digital marketing services provided to Mortgage…

Lead Designer

Jikku Jose is an experienced designer with more than two years of designing experience. Jikku is skilled in all major design softwares including Illustration, Photoshop and Artistic view. Jukku has created visual designs for numerous clients and helped with their products and campaigns. Jikku is passionate about Art Direction and Photography

Digital Marketing Expert

Dahliya Fernandez is digital marketing expert with more than six years of Media & Digital marketing experience. She is  skilled in Digital Marketing Strategy, Media management, Creative Designing, Content Creation and Website Creation. Dahliya is passionate towards photography & Social Media