Accelerating Business Through Technology

TakeFive’s Approach

approachUp-to-date on the latest technological advancements in Encompass Loan origination system, TakeFive Consulting’s approach is to leverage the power of Encompass 360 software to help our clients to;

  • Encompass Administration: Originate and maintain quality loans even when new data is integrated into a loan file.
  • Encompass Compliance Consulting: Ensure compliance with evolving regulations and audit vendors for compliance.
  • Encompass Operational Consulting: Make every aspect of the business maximum efficient by streamlining their Encompass platform with other operational elements.
  • Encompass Customization: Ease operations and increase sales by having their unique business needs custom programmed to operate separate from or integrated to their Encompass platform.
  • Enable completely paper free, electronically transferred mortgages.
  • Modify loans against regularly revised investor and government-sponsored agency guidelines.
  • Utilize top notch security standards and protocols for application delivery and storage of data using cloud.
  • Save time and resources required to rebuilt or replace software modules or applications with utilities and plugins.