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Mortgage CRM Comparison Part 3 – LOS Integration & Compliance

Velocify - Jungo - Infusionsoft - Vantage productions

In the previous two parts of the post on Mortgage CRM Comparison, we have looked into comparison of mortgage marketing automation and comparison of mortgage sales automation features of Velocify, Jungo Salesforce Mortgage App, Infusionsoft and Vantage Productions. This post takes a detailed look into the Loan origination system integration & Compliance to advertising and reaching out to contact features of these four Mortgage CRMs.


Mortgage CRM

Sales/Marketing Compliance - Respa

Cobranded communication

Corporate approved messaging

History of sales & marketing - Compliance Audit

LOS Integration

Sync with Major LOS's

Loan presentation/Online presentation tool

Syncs loan origination as it happens - Instant updates for borrowers

(Custom Pricing)

Co-Branded Communications: Close more referral loans by sending borrowers joint communications with partners.

Corporate Approved Messaging: Ensure consistency and compliance with corporate approved emails and text messages

Protect your company with historical records of compliant communications from all stages of the sales and marketing process

CALYX Software, Optimal Blue, Ellimae. There's support tickets to be raised to get support from Velocify to integrate with these LOS

Yes, updated for borrowers to view. Lenders can track when the presentations are viewed and follow up immediately with borrowers to help them take the next steps.

Yes, Loan presentation allow borrowers to view.

(From $1399)

Your Text

Needs customization

EEA/CH Safe Harbor Notice EULA for Mobile HIPAA Compliance

All communication with a customer can be tracked, if needed.

Needs custom programming to integrate infusionsoft with Major LOS with SDK's offered by them.


The Infusionsoft API enables third-party applications to communicate with the Infusionsoft application and process incoming data for a wide variety of uses, such as:Integrate existing tools and apps using a secure data connection Pass information between Infusionsoft and other applications

(Custom Pricing)

Put your entire company's follow-up on auto-pilot with personalized email campaigns for each Loan Officer that include consistent company branding.

Your entire operation's marketing can be managed by your marketing staff on behalf of corporate, branches and individual loan officers.

Progressive profiling and activity history is available for each lead.

The LOS Sync App: Available to subscribers of mortgage app or lender app. This add-on automatically syncs data between the most popular LOS systems, such as Encompass360 and PCLender.

Yes, available.

Automate Updates to Key Contacts: Automate all applicable correspondence throughout the loan process, including notifications to the borrower, appraiser, escrow agent, title agent, buying agent and listing agent.

(Custom Pricing)

Corporate controls ensure compliance and brand management guidelines are met.

Establish centralized controls for marketing content. Decide who can create, edit or publish marketing content giving you complete control.

Vantage Sales: Gain end-to-end control over compliance and branding with complete archiving. It's all captured and available for audit, even interactive PC sessions and video walk-through sessions.

Seamlessly integrate with your LOS, PPE and credit reporting to ensure you are consistently offering the most suitable product options; Calyx, Mortgage Cadence and Encompass

Create clear, consistent proposals right from a phone or tablet. Easily import contact information from your CRM and select a plan type. Edit the plan. Pull credit scores and existing liabilities. Quickly present three loan scenarios and publish presentations via email and a web link.

Convert leads to complete loan applications. View or edit 1003 applications. Submit complete 1003 applications to your LOS to create a loan file. Quickly pull credit and display the median FICO score.

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