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Mortgage CRM Comparison Part 2 – Sales Automation Feature

Velocify - Jungo - Infusionsoft - Vantage productions

In the previous post on Mortgage CRM Comparison, we have looked into marketing automation features of Velocify, Jungo Salesforce Mortgage App, Infusionsoft and Vantage Productions. This post takes a detailed look into the sales automation & CRM functions of these four Mortgage CRMs.


Mortgage CRM

Dialer/call center

Lead scoring

Lead prioritization - Hot leads first

Immediate contact & Quick prequalification

Rate Watch

Real time notification of user interaction

Automated communication

Lead disposition

Trigger based marketing

Lead nurturing

Ongoing communication with existing customers - refi, rate.

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Velocify dial IQ Product

Velocify lead scoring feature.

Option to contac hot leads first based lead quality.

Leads are transferred to LOs

Up-to-theminute insights into bonds and coupon rates to LO's, so they’re always informed

Real-Time Notifications: Connect withborrowers when you know their interest is peaked due to “email open” and “presentation viewed” text notifications.

Text messages and mobile-optimized emails are automatically triggered when key borrower milestones are reached. Keep leads warm until they are ready to purchase with automated drip and nurture emails.

State of the lead as: New, Contact Attempt, Contacted, Qualified. Users do not directly change Statuses. Instead, users of Velocify update a lead by taking Actions. Actions are; Eg: Post to price my loan, Called: call back, Called: left message, Pitched loan, Application taken, Does not qualify, Not interested, Bad phone nubmer, bad lead, Comment.

As leads move through the sales process, workflow elements can automatically trigger emails, reminders and lead assignment.

With Velocify lead manager, Automated lead nurturing, partner software can also be used.

Velocify LoanEngage provides automated marketing collateral & online presentations for mortgage borrowers that can be viewed on any device

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Compatible with DialSource: The Leads App supports automated telephony platforms such as DialSource to automatically insert fresh leads into existing call lists.

Lead scoring uses a points system to assign values based on pre-determined criteria, such as the person’s industry and job title, website visits, content downloads, event attendance, form completions, etc. Points accrue over a set amount of time. The sum of these points is the lead score.

Lead scoring prioritizes your prospects so that you can focus your efforts on the hottest leads and close more sales. It also helps you uncover opportunities that might otherwise stay hidden. Lead scoring automates the process of monitoring a prospect’s online body language and flags key digital buying signals so you know who – and when – to call. There is also Progressive Profiling and Activity history of leads better target.

 Scalable contact management system, 

Document Accessibility and Consolidation

Highly Compatible with Industry Favorites: The Lender App has built-in compatibility with Mortgage Coach EDGE, Jungo's Leads App and other apps available within the Salesforce ecosystem, making it easy to build a system that's just right for your company.

Target your strongest leads for follow-up, gauge your marketing efforts and prioritize your efforts with The Mortgage App's 360-degree marketing analytics.

Send automated emails or initiate drip campaigns to establish contact and start nurturing new leads. When you're ready to convert the lead to a contact record, it's a simple click.

The Leads App captures qualified leads from Zillow, Trulia, LendingTree and — based on zip code or zone — and seamlessly drops them into your Jungo account for review and distribution. Easily create rules to distribute leads to team members based on your criteria and preferences, or set up unique accounts for specific users.

Automated campaigns and triggers put your messaging on autopilot based on your specific instructions.

Nurture past clients, prospects and current customers with timely, relevant messaging.

Boost interest and engagement with messages that resonate. Personalization, list segmentation, lead scoring, and dynamic content can make it happen.

(From $1399)

Can be integrated to a Dialer

Lead scoring: It runs constantly in the background, so you can focus on the hottest leads and prioritize your daily call list to get more paying customers. Features: Automatically assign a score based on tags you create or a contact's activities View scores in real time, adding and subtracting points according to your criteria Adjust the settings any time, so it's totally customized to your business

This feature is available.

Not available

Not available as its not tailor made for Mortgage

Send email notifications to sales reps when quotes are accepted or declined

Create, manage, and share custom quotes directly from the Infusionsoft app.

Segmentation: reate a stronger connection with your customers with lists based on criteria like: Demographics Lead score Email clicks Purchases Payment history


Trigger emails, calls, and other actions based on contact behaviors. Modify your campaigns any time based on what's working best


Automate follow-up reminders to help your sales team reach revenue goals faster

(Custom Pricing)

No Dialer

Pull credit scores and existing liabilities.

Convert leads to complete loan applications. View or edit 1003 applications. Submit complete 1003 applications to your LOS to create a loan file. Quickly pull credit and display the median FICO score.

Create clear, consistent proposals right from a phone or tablet. Easily import contact information from your CRM and select a plan type. Edit the plan. Pull credit scores and existing liabilities. Quickly present three loan scenarios and publish presentations via email and a web link.

Vantage MMG - ith MMG's intuitively organized approach—Data, Advice, Sales and Marketing—mortgage loan originators have the market intelligence and guidance coupled with the practical and actionable business-building resources they need to compete, win and achieve top producer status. VIP Calculators.

Drive decisions with real-time data for contact, account, lead and opportunity management; pipeline analysis; forecast-ing; and reporting

Generate mortgage quotes and proposals suitable for each prospect with the industry's only artificial intelligence engine that combines real-life experience and proprietary financial models. Be prepared with the most current information available using the "calculator engine" that includes 50 applications.

Lead status is assigned with Vantage CRM

Driven by data from your CRM and LOS systems, campaigns are "triggered" real-time with each status change or milestone achievement. Build custom campaigns to stand out from the competition.

Supplement with the Vantage Content SM, containing a comprehensive library of hundreds of pieces for consumer and referral partner marketing. Take advantage of the included image library to make your marketing "pop." Create your own content with easy-to-use tools

Take advantage of pre-set campaigns for prospecting, "in-process," post-close and referral marketing.

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