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Mortgage CRM Comparison Part 1 – Mortgage Marketing Automation

Velocify - Jungo - Infusionsoft - Vantage productions

As mortgage techonology consultants, one of the most frequent questions we get is about the best CRM for the mortgage industry, MLOs or Loan officers.

It’s tough to make an apple to apple comparison among top CRM, mortgage marketing automation software and sales automation software for the mortgage world. However, a comparison can atleast help decision makers at mortgage companies get an idea on the offerings of mortgage software at a glance.

We have come up with the findings to compare from the website of the players we have compared, questions asked to their customer support, from interviews with various mortgage lenders, brokers and Loan officers.

Here are a few top names we often hear from the mortgage professionals. We have chosen the following mortgage crm software to compare because these have been the mortgage crm systems we have often asked about, worked on and discussed in the mortgage world. This comparison in no ways warrant you from looking into other players that may suit your specific needs.

Since there are many features to compare, we have broken this large list into a few major parameters; CRM, Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, LOS Integration, Sales and Marketing Compliance, Reporting and analytics and Admin Dashboard.

Here’s a detailed comparison of the first parameter Mortgage marketing feature comparison among Velocify, Jungo Salesforce App, Infusion soft and Vantage.


Mortgage CRM

Active Users

Top Names

Type of Clients

Marketing Automation: Website

Online marketing - Adwords & Paid ads

Landing page Templates

Email templates

Social media integration

Loan presentation/Online presentation tool

Referral partner management

Real estate agent management

Integration with other marketing, sales, logistics & reporting software

Direct Gifts

(Custom Pricing)

600+ Clients

MCS Mortgage Bankers, Citizens bank, Greenlight loans, Guaranteed Rate, M&T Mortgage, LSI Mortgage, BBMC Mortgage

Medium To Enterprise Level

No website offered.

No online marketing

Link lead sources to velocify feature - done via an HTTP Post, HTTP GET or XML Post

No landing pages - pre-supposes that you have a search marketing strategies in place.



Online presentations for mortgage borrowers that can be viewed on any device.

RGR Marketing, BrokerMatch,, LeadFinance, Powers Marketing Group, National Marketing source, Zillow,, Wisdom Companies,, Quinstreet, Best Rate Referrals, Lending Tree,, Lead Point..

Partner Management Portal: - aggregate Loan Officer, Referral Source, and Campaign Performance data. - View referrals & closed deals. - Graphical interface. - Help loan officers Decide which realtor to engage -Automatic Status Updates: As borrowers move through the loan process, referral partners will get automatic updates

neustar, Marketo, eloqua, Salesforce, EZLynx + Infusionsoft iContact HubSpot GoToWebinar Eventbrite Constant Contact MailChimp Marketo Recurly ® SlideShare Magento

Not available

(Custom Pricing)


American pacific mortgage, VIP mortgage, Guaranteed rate, Gateway mortgage, RPM Mortgage, Mason-McDuffie, CMG Financial

10 - 500 Staffed

No websites offered, offers a Website Prospector turns your web site into a lead generation machine

SEO Audit to evaluate and increase Google love for your web site, blog and landing pages.

Competitor Insights,

Set up tracking for new competitors


digital marketing strategy


Create forms and landing pages to generate leads and keep the top of your sales funnel full and drive conversions.

Jungo's extensive library of professionally designed email campaigns &

intuitive drag-and-drop interface – no HTML skills needed.

Social Publish maximizes exposure on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with a single click.

Twitter Prospector leads you to that ultra-relevant tweeter who needs your help now, and discover key influencers you want to engage.

Stay connected to clients and enhance presentations with The Mortgage App's one-step integration with email platforms, social media, Google apps and Mortgage Coach EDGE.

Reffinity – Referral Partner Tracking: Connect with your referral partners, send reports and evaluate referral relationships &

The Leads App for Salesforce. This add-on helps you pump up your pipeline, capturing qualified leads from multiple platforms – including Zillow, Trulia, and LendingTree – to boost your sales.

Promote webinars and online events to generate leads and engage clients and referral partners

Seamless App Integration: Boost functionality by integrating Salesforce AppExchange products, including Docusign, Evernote, Box, Act-On and more.

The Concierge Program: automated solution to increase customer loyalty. Jungo delivers timely gifts and cards via USPS® to your selected clients. THANK YOU PACKAGE - $35, THANK YOU PARTNER PACKAGE - $35 (1 Gift), BASIC PACKAGE - $55 (13 Cards & 1 Gift Over a 2-Year Period), WOW PACKAGE - $99 (18 Cards & 3 Gifts over a 3 year period), CLIENT FOR LIFE PACKAGE - $129 (19 Cards & 4 Gifts Over a 3-Year Period)

(From $1399)

125K+ Users, not mortgage specific

Small businesses

Small business

No websites offered; With Infusionsoft's e-commerce tools, you can use customizable templates to sell your products, services or subscriptions online.

Segment your promotions by events, holidays, locations, purchase history, date, promo code.

Collect and organize data from your online audience by inviting them to fill out a simple, ready-made lead capture form.

Infusionsoft Campaign Builder templates - 100s of email templates


Not a mortgage specific CRM

Create a custom referral program, provide partners with a portal to access marketing materials -

The Infusionsoft API enables third-party applications to communicate with the Infusionsoft

No specific program for real estate agents; but one can create custom referral programs.

The Infusionsoft platform seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks and Xero / Also 100s of Infusionsoft integrations are available for many types; Writers Designers Developers Trainers Consultants Applications

Not available

(Custom Pricing)

300 + Lenders and 1000s of MLOs

Sierra Pacific, Guild Mortgage Company, and Residential Home Funding

CRM & Sales for All Mortgage business

Turnkey and ready to launch, Vantage Sites are fully branded web sites specifically designed for increased sales efficiency and client support for the mortgage industry.

Full fledged marketing support: Vantage Conent service. Business Boosters—monthly business strategies, techniques and tips targeting REALTORS® and other referral partners. Quick Tips— articles filled with useful consumer-related topics. Consumer handbooks—great for open houses and seminars.

Full websites with Vantage sites& Content with Vantage content service.

Yes, Vantage conent service. Fflyers, brochures, postcards, holiday cards and more you can print, email and use for social media.

Post-ready social media content like Featured Charts and the Daily Financial Blog that will display their knowledge on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Vantage MMG & Vantage Content service to deliver new market update when available.

Meet the needs and sophistication of each prospect with tailored presentations. Customize presentations to include your company's best sales practices. "talk-through" video presentations, flyers and calculators.

Be the referral partner of choice. Instantly add new referral partners and pull referral partner information into open house flyers for co-branded marketing.

Capture multiple referral contacts for a single loan including the attorney, builder, insurance agent, listing agent, selling agent and title company agent. The referral source of the lead can be identified, making it simple to send auto-notifications based on lead status.

Vantage offers basic marketing automation via Vantage sites, Vantage partners, Vantage MObile and Vantage content.

Flyers, brochures, postcards, holiday cards and more you can print.

WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

While we compare the marketing automation feature specifically for the mortgage world, Vantage production has a clear upper hand with strong support via Vantage content service, Vantage Sites, Vantage partners and Vantage mobile. In the mortgage marketing automation area of the CRMs Jungo comes second with powerful features specifically for the mortgage players with feature that singles them out – The concierge program where Jungo delivers timely gifts and cards via USPS® to your selected clients.

Velocify has a clear policy of staying strong at what a CRM should do, contact management; they presuppose that your marketing, be it search marketing or direct marketing, is already in place. While Velocify, Jungo and Vantage have products designed for the mortgage world and they can go large scale, Infusionsoft is the one for small businesses, hence it’s a good reason to be included in the comparison as well.

Looking for more information on mortgage CRM or need help choosing the right mortgage CRM for your organization, leave us a message.

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