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Millennial Web Portal

Web Portal Apply page Sample

Web portal - My account sample page

From an in-depth analysis and understanding of the millennial customers, the Millennial deck's first interface for a prospective buyer starts with a web portal where visitors can get started with the loan application process, create an account and kick-start a long term relationship right from the moment a few simple questions are answered. The Millennial deck is designed to capture important loan application information without intimidating the visitor with a long questionnaire to answer. A few salient features are;

  • Convenient; right from your computer/mobile
  • Interactive; responsive to customers' needs
  • Secure and creates a sense of security
  • Self explanatory; easy to navigate back and forth
  • Live application to fasten the process and decision making
  • Small sections that make sense, fulfilling the need to be educated about the process

Web portal - Web Portal sample page

With customer engagement being the cornerstone of filling out a loan application successfully, information gathered initially are fed into the loan file created in Encompass360 system to avoid repetition and walk the customer through the process effortlessly. The intuitive design of the Millennial deck favors lenders in setting the right expectations, providing a sense of control and easing the process by breaking the large application into small related sections for their millennial customers.

The web portal of the millennial deck allows users to;

  • Create a user account while filling up an application
  • Learn about different credit options/ eligibility by choosing conditions that apply
  • Know what documents are required upfront and be ready
  • Submit the documents online
  • Electronically sign the documents
  • Go through the process with full control, knowing the status whenever required
  • No longer be uncertain or have blind spots in the process

With an appealing graphic interface, the web portal brings the best of web in terms of design, user friendliness and data representation to match the Millennial’s online experience.