Accelerating Business Through Technology

Millennial Mobile Deck

The millennial customer is more synonymous with mobile than he or she is with personal computers. The web applications alone won’t complete the Millennial strategy for today’s mortgage lenders. Mobile strategy is a step closer to the millennial minds; applying for loan and tracking it on their mobile devices makes the millennial customer feel at ease with the process, which is mostly their first mortgage experience.

The Millennial deck mobile application combines the functionalities of the web portal and the internal portal with the following options readily available;

  • Choose the product, rate and term
  • Fill out basic information to create a user account
  • Secure login
  • View loan application after security check
  • Easy to grasp, graphical interpretation of critical dates, notifications, pending items etc.
  • Days to close
  • Next steps
  • Progress bar
  • Correspondence section

It is from the understanding that a mediocre mobile application won’t be expected from a financial institution with which the customer is looking forward to establish a long term relationship, the Millennial deck design is inspired by;

  • Offline capabilities
  • Responsive design
  • Customization of the deck
  • Cross platform
  • Speed prioritized
  • Only Important functionalities available on mobile
  • Usability - follows general application hierarchy

For lenders who are looking for ways to reach the millennial customers, the Millennial deck mobile application is an easy to integrate, quick way to get started with a mobile strategy, otherwise would be a sophisticated, expensive task.