Accelerating Business Through Technology

Millennial Internal Portal

Millennial customer look beyond just filling out an application online, engagement has become an obligation or is expected from the lenders. Customer satisfaction for millennials is directly related to transparency offered in the progression of the origination process.

Our solution to this demand is the Millennial deck’s next interface - The Internal Portal. The internal portal sync with the loan origination software, Encompass360 at the moment, to offer the critical information and tasks to perform for loan applicants.

The Millennial deck’s internal portal eliminates some of the industry wide issues such as;

  • User interface conveying the status of a loan application or information beautifully for a quick view
  • Translating different stages of loan application into a graphical interface
  • Syncing and displaying data real time from lender’s loan origination software
  • A single customer facing platform for all loan application and processing concerns - one stop solution to deal with all customer’s queries, tasks to perform and tracking
  • Security of providing customer information

Being able to view, navigate around and understand the work behind getting them financing for their project; they want an active participation. Some of the information available for registered users, when they are tracking their application, are;

  • Progression bar with milestones
  • Graphical representation of different data - quick view
  • All application details
  • Remaining time (days) to close
  • View check lists in the next stages
  • View all documents
  • View all correspondence

Tasks a customer can perform are;

  • Get in touch with loan officers for clarifications
  • Upload required documents
  • Ensure security by different user verification steps
  • Manage the checklist
  • Plan the finances knowing important milestones upfront

Designed with Millennial’s values in mind, the Millennial deck’s internal portal offers freedom and control over the loan application and processing. While the millennial deck is not primarily designed to reduce dependency on loan officers, round the clock access to application status, next steps and pending tasks empower customers like never before.