Accelerating Business Through Technology

Go-to Market Video Creation

Compelling videos have been much more effective in getting the attention of viewers than any other form of content, especially those short videos stick to a simple, single idea. With the advent of easy hosting and sharing platforms, videos have been heavily welcomed by viewers and have become the preferred mode of communication for brands. Though labor intensive, videos have bypassed all other communication methods over Internet in terms of its impact.

Videos have proven to be an effective promotion strategy;

  • Video generates 3 times as many monthly visitors to a website as other content
  • Bounce rate is drastically reduced when you have videos on your pages - 88% more time spent on your website
  • Videos get 3 times better viewership than other content shared on your website
  • Search engine optimization is greatly benefited as videos tend to get better attention - Traffic increases by 157%
  • An online video shoots up interest; customers are 46% more likely to enquire after viewing a video
  • Likelihood of purchasing a product shoots up by 85% after watching a product video
  • Those who have watched a video are 57% more confident in their purchase

We gain insights by analyzing other channels of marketing, what customers discuss, share and ask about your brand. Answering these concerns could be a great way to get started with video creation for your brand.

  • Conversations on social media, questions people have asked and replies given
  • Surveys conducted with your buyers, followers or subscribers
  • Another great place to find inspiration is from your support emails. The questions definitely need answers

The millennial Go-to market strategy capitalizes on both the content and quality of the videos to capture the Millennial customer. A single strategy doesn't mostly work for all mortgage lenders. Depending on the market positioning, we plan content for videos to maximize the impact of the marketing campaign whether it's for social media or for the help section on your website.
Our video strategy stem from the following practices;

  • Have an executive or a manager answer top 5 questions your audience might have
  • Keep the video shorter than 4 minutes, anything longer tend to lose viewer's interest
  • Share the video on Youtube and Vimeo with the right title, description, tags, category and keyword
  • Do a story in parts to generate interest over time, especially for social media followers
  • People are interested in knowing how you work, sharing how your team perform tasks tend connect with your buyers better
  • Discussion on current issues in your industry generates interest and becomes great content for your video
  • To experts people listen, get experts to convey your brand message
  • A story behind your service or product is a head start for your video
  • Your expertise on creating the product or service generates interest as well
  • How you impact the local economy and the environment touches the millennials
  • Helping customers achieve something great with your service or product generates interest as well

Millennial Go-to Market Video strategy almost immediately puts your marketing effort in track with our proven steps backed up with market research, experience and data.