Accelerating Business Through Technology

Go-To Market Social Media Marketing

A step ahead of search engines in terms of influencing the choices of users, social media plays a passive role, yet highly effective, in creating long lasting brand impressions not necessarily from one’s own experience but from those of friends, family and society.
Utilizing the psychological imperatives created by sharing, especially by the influencers, social media has all the power marketers were looking forward to, from a single platform. This influence can carefully, yet as a humanitarian aid, be planned to create a great brand image by doing the other efforts right, be it customer service, social responsibility or product enhancement.

Social media engagement is a result of many other activities, not just sharing. Here are a few factors that affect a brand’s social media efforts;

  • the customer service
  • community engagement
  • causes it support
  • a great product or service
  • interaction with followers
  • sense of beauty
  • connected, meaningful sharing
  • game mode
  • rewards
  • and not spamming

Millennials have a developed sense of separating the real efforts from marketing gimmicks. This is why growing brand recognition on social media takes actual effort in different areas of engagement. Social media branding does need the support of a solid set of activities, most of the times, something that stands apart. Consulting with the right professionals can go long way in devising plans that will accelerate social media following and better sales. Here's a few strategies, most of them are not social media strategies but do-gooders, every mortgage lender can implement;

  • optimize the product or service to have a few simple differentiators
  • create a community around something people care for
  • create short, funny videos on products/services and events
  • introduce employees with whom customers can relate to
  • share customer stories
  • engage with customers to solve problems, share tips and to get feedback

For mortgage lenders, an all-rounded social media strategy is something that has already proven to work well in their favor. With millennials using their smartphones to connect with friends and peers on social media platforms, the Millennial strategy will be incomplete without a proper social media plan in place.