Accelerating Business Through Technology

Go-to Market Search Engine Optimization

Search engines have changed the way we validate information. We no longer accept third party suggestions, at least those looking doubtful, to be true. The first source of verification is always a search engine. In most cases, a Google search lead you to the source of information; firsthand. Since this is the norm of confirming information, to be where people search for the source is important for all those who are offering products or services to start a relationship.

Search engines have played an important role in making or breaking a brand by;

  • Allowing a commonplace for businesses of different size to talk to customers
  • Bringing together information from different sources to form an unbiased opinion about a brand
  • Developing a set of standards in customer service, information sharing and help resources
  • Creating a platform that brings together discussions about performance, experience and service of different brands from different customers
  • Bringing down the cost of marketing
  • Improving reach to a specific demography
  • Introducing tracking of the effectiveness of marketing and branding
  • Making research and comparison possible

Millennials, extremely familiar with finding information on search engines, do not trust who is not looking professional and trustworthy online. It is their code of validation. For marketers who are targeting such a large group, search engine presence is not a luxury they can afford to miss. TakeFive Consulting’s Millennial Go-to Market platform has a search engine optimization strategy in place.
Millennial Go-to Market search engine strategy is empowered by the following actionable steps;

  • Creating websites for users
  • Fast loading
  • Improving user experience
  • Highly navigable websites
  • Easy to grasp content
  • Regularly updated content
  • Interacting with users through blogs
  • Search engine optimized tags
  • Intuitively linked within
  • Genuine back links
  • Respecting the privacy of users
  • Interactive web pages
  • Efficient PR activities

Millennial strategy is in sync with search engine optimization, both in targeting a great user experience and in offering transparency. Being well placed on search engines is one of the basic marketing requirement today, be it for millennials or for the generations they influence.