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Encompass360 Training & Certification

Encompass360 training

Encompass Training

Educating your team on using encompass effectively is one of the most critical parameters to succeed with Encompass360 system implemented in your organization. Working with Encompass for many years, professionals at TakeFive Consulting understand most of the scenarios where bankers need encompass loan origination software training, and they create easy to use, embed and share multimedia content.

TakeFive Consulting has its Encompass360 training materials organized and targeted for different set of customers at various professional levels. These materials are delivered virtually, directly or they are embedded into the very system. Data entry forms, business rules and regulations need the most support. Training is vital as it eases and sharpens the use of system to completely leverage the power of Encompass360 software. It’s not just the employees or management needs Encompass software training and education materials but the customers need to be educated too. They will not want to commit mistakes and prefer to know the requirements, policies and procedures when they apply for a loan.

Encompass360 Training varies depending on the preferences and convenience of the audience, they can be;

  • Short videos
  • On-site training
  • Virtual training
  • Curriculum

At TakeFive, we speak the language of customers and users, training materials are easy to follow without many technical jargons, and feature screen shots.

Encompass Administrator Certification

Encompass Administrator Certification adds value to your organization’s effort in effectively managing mortgage origination, compliance and trouble shooting. Best practices brought about by encompass certified administrator help streamline the process, improve accuracy and comply with regulations. The network capabilities of encompass certified admins help resolve most of the issues in house, saving resources.

TakeFive Consulting requires Encompass certification for its Administrators so as to ensure the services are updated, secure and follow industry best practices. Since most companies do not need Encompass360 Administrators full time, TakeFive Consulting offers Encompass360 administrators on contract.