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Encompass Integration

Encompass360 integration with Salesforce, Velocify and Motivity Solutions.

As Encompass360 widely being adopted by mortgage lenders; large banks to brokers, for its robust interface, data security and compliance management, brings about another unique challenge to the table; syncing other software products used in the mortgage industry to Encompass360. Integrating mainstream sales, business intelligence and marketing software products to Encompass360 help the mortgage sector operate effectively, reach qualified leads faster and make more loans. With powerful Encompass360 SDK programming features, Encompass360 offers robust and secure integration.

Apart from Encompass360 custom integrations, some of the major software programs integrated with Encompass360 are Salesforce, Velocify and Motivity Solution. Integrating Encompass360 with each of these applications, contributes to better customer relationships and faster turnaround times, hence a priority where any one of these or all used along with Encompass360. Here’s a brief on various integration options and benefits.

Encompass360 Salesforce Integration
Financial companies that use Salesforce to manage their sales process will want to maintain that edge gained from Salesforce to be continued with their other products as well. Integrating Salesforce with Encompass360 eliminates unnecessary delays in starting the loan, processing and dealing with service providers, notifications and reporting.
Salesforce Encompass360 Integration allows;

  • Use Salesforce Chatter to view real-time updates
  • Closed Leads flowing directly into Encompass360
  • Eliminate manual process and ensure accurate data
  • Keep your costs checked by paying for closed loans
  • Keep clients notified on the loan process via webcenter
Velocify – Encompass360 integration
Velocify, a top provider of cloud-based intelligent sales software, integrated with Encompass360 offers clients an optimized solution to sell more loans efficiently and profitably. With Velocify integrated, Encompass360 becomes a powerful sales tool as well, offering;
  • Respond quickly to prospective borrowers
  • Maximizing the lead response
  • Improved selling discipline
  • Heightened productivity by focusing on priority leads
  • Sales insights
Motivity Solutions – Encompass360 integration
Motivity powers Encompass360 with a lending-centric business intelligence and reporting solution to add to its powerful on-demand loan origination capabilities. The integration between Encompass360 and Motivity Solutions allows clients to have access to analytics solutions such as dashboard reports, visualizations and virtual real-time business insights.
  • Monitor and assess end-to-end profitability of products, channels and operating units
  • Get insights to improve customer experience and service.
  • Make investment decisions and manage economics and portfolio risks
  • Improve operational effectiveness
TakeFive Consulting, with over 5 years of Encompass360 custom development and integration experience, helps clients improve sales, operations and decision making by integrating Salesforce, Velocify and Motivity with Encompass360. TakeFive also offers custom Encompass360 integration solutions.

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