Accelerating Business Through Technology

Encompass Operational Consulting

Operational consulting from TakeFive can be very rewarding for an mortgage lender as it considers both, operational and technological compatibility of the process and impact the Loan origination system to leverage maximum benefits from many of the features such as custom screens, third party integration and more. With years of experience in mortgage industry and ongoing experimentation of the Encompass 360 platform, TakeFive Consulting can analyze and bridge the gap between the business process and technological workflow.

With Encompass operational consulting, we aim to organize the encompass platform to improve the efficiency of all aspects your business. Encompass operational consultation can modify and improve the way the your company deals with;

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Restructuring the workflow
  • Custom utilities and plugins
  • Third-party vendor management
Being in constant communication with the client, TakeFive Consulting derives ideas unique for the business needs of the client from the beginning of the process. With a team that has considerable operational mortgage backgrounds can offer what the business need and more to make your system efficient and pay for itself.