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Encompass Installation & Setup

Encompass Installation Installation of Encompass360 into your system can have disruptive effects on the way your organization works. To minimize the impact and continue to operate without major hazards in the work culture, TakeFive Consulting carefully considers system settings such as business rules, user groups, file flow, templates, folders, personas and organizational hierarchy before moving to the new encompass system. To create an easy transition from the old system, professionals at TakeFive Consulting who have long year’s mortgage industry exposure, utilizes custom build outs. These build outs are modeled only after gaining a complete understanding of the organization’s business requirements and preferences in its operations.

One of the major constraints in transitioning from an existing mortgage origination platform to a new one is the changes in the workflow. To optimize the transition, TakeFive Consulting offers support with Encompass360 consulting, Encompass360 administration and Encompass360 training.

For each organization, the system implementation to a level where the disruption is minimal can be different. Some may easily fit into the way Encompass360 operates, while others need customization, changes in settings, controls, permissions and more.

Our Encompass360 setup process flow can be;

  • Implementation and testing
  • Optimization
  • Customization
  • Workflow management
  • Integration with Existing system

TakeFive’s implementation model can provide clients with a better, efficient system that integrates the existing, successful working methods with new practices that can take the business to the next level.

Here’s an Encompass360 Setup guide with Installation and Login Instructions.