Accelerating Business Through Technology

Encompass Implementation/Setup

Encompass360 integration Implementing Encompass to manage your organizations unique needs can be equally challenging and highly rewarding. With the Encompass 360 system in place, you can now connect the documents and workflows like never before. In-depth Encompass360 integration and automation allows greater workflow efficiency which in turn helps you adapt to the constantly changing rules and regulations of the mortgage industry.

TakeFive Consulting has the technical know-how experience and business expertise to choose the right implementation package from Ellie Mae for Encompass 360; Standard implementation, Premium implementation, Custom implementation and work along with the client’s specific requirements and business rules.

Encompass360 setup/ implementation from TakeFive Consulting empower superior workflow management for clients to create high quality loans and maintain it throughout the loan term. We guide our Encompass360 setup/ implementation process with the following criteria.

  • Work with each client personally
  • Make regulatory compliance easy to manage and update
  • Reduce the transition cost and effort from existing loan origination system to Encompass360
  • Ellie Mae Encompass Integration with other marketing tools clients use to Encompass360 system so as to cause least disruption
  • Train effectively to leverage the power of Encompass360

Here’s our process;

Encompass Business analysis
Encompass Installation & Set up
Encompass Customization
Training & Certification