Accelerating Business Through Technology

Encompass Customization

Encompass CustomizationCustomization largely contributes to the efficiency of an Encompass360 system implemented. Understanding the way your mortgage lending organization operates and making tools using Encompass SDK Programming that can save time and resources – that is customization at TakeFive Consulting. TakeFive Consulting ensures the proper analysis and requirement gathering before any customization is started. Custom programming can be time consuming and costly when requirements are not clearly understood, hence business analysis, implementation and administration quality plays an important role in the quality of the custom tools developed.

Ellie Mae encompass API projects also play a large role in customization as clients want to continue to use systems that work for them the best. Integrating different aspects of business to the Encompass requires smart API integration to work flawless.

TakeFive utilizes Encompass360’s customization options such as

  • SDKs
  • Utilities
  • Plugins
  • API Development
Custom encompass sdk programming with TakeFive can be fast and cost effective; programmers have been carefully chosen to have the mortgage background and considerable experience.