Accelerating Business Through Technology

Encompass Custom Programming

Custom ServicesCustom services for Encompass 360 platform can be a huge competitive differentiator as you can enhance the capabilities of your system to increase the quality, lesser number of errors and save time on tasks that were previously impossible or extremely time consuming. TakeFive Consulting’s Encompass sdk programming can be utilized at any point of time, during the implementation, when you face a challenge or even when you want to optimize and streamline your mortgage origination process.

TakeFive Consulting has professionals who have been working with major clients in product, design and programming and can bring you valuable insight that can be utilized to improve your system and ease the business process. Custom services are developed with specific goals in mind;

  • originate and service loans electronically
  • reduce the human errors
  • service first time loan applicants better
  • make transition from an existing system easy
  • third-party service integration
  • data security

Custom services are offered across;

Throughout the process of Encompass360 custom programming, TakeFive Consulting’s understanding of the scope of the project, design, concept and communication can help you maximize your returns from the Encompass 360 system.