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Encompass Administration

Encompass administration
Encompass360 Administrators can make a big difference in the way the system performs for the business to generate better loans, effective operational workflow and more sales. While Encompass360 is an efficient loan origination system, an Administrator can help maximize the returns by using the software to improve the business. It is vital that someone from the organization knows about the capabilities and possibilities of a top-notch software like Encompass and ways to administer it to put to the best use. Since an Encompass360 administrator should have in-depth knowledge of the loan origination industry and years of experience in Encompass360, professionals are hard to find and can be costly.

As Encompass360 system Administrators can contribute to the effectiveness of the loan origination and help smaller companies compete with large organizations; the services of an Administrator cannot be ignored. As full time services of an Administrator are not required for smaller companies, TakeFive Consulting offers Encompass Administration services as required.

Our Encompass Administrators can perform the following;

  • Work with directions from senior mortgage department personnel and translate them into Encompass workflow.
  • Automate work with advanced business rules and ensure accuracy of existing ones.
  • Customize to include new business rules using plugins with Encompass SDK.
  • Ensure third party interactions are monitored and coordinate the integration.
  • Monitor and ensure compliance with all state and federal banking regulation and organizational policies and procedures.
  • Capture requirements through information gathering methods from Department managers, end users and other stakeholders.
  • Create specific design and solutions for system workflows, pipeline views, input forms, reports, dashboards, and print forms
  • Ensure the proposed solutions work as desired through system analysis.
  • Manage QA testing and User acceptance testing.
  • Help optimize the system through recommendations.
  • Manage to develop functional specifications, test plans and change request.
  • Analyze the workflow and user interaction with the system to identify and develop proper training documentation for Encompass┬« 360.
  • Create and manage company and user setups, roles and personas.
  • Keep the loan setup setting updated against the ongoing business needs.
  • Manage documentation through document library and custom build documents as needed.
  • Work towards easy integration with third party vendors through custom integration.
  • Work with technical writers to develop documentation for system updates and new features by providing information on Encompass┬« 360 process, feature, and workflow information.
  • Manage and clear support tickets in a timely and maintain a working relationship with Ellie Mae tech support.
  • Generate and maintain reports; both general and custom ones for different business groups.

TakeFive Consulting has years of combined experience in mortgage banking, sales and operations, compliance and system administration to make the transition from your existing mortgage to Encompass360. We ensure a team of experts including professionals from executive level to Encompass Administrators to offer your organization a tailor made solution stemming from the detailed analysis of your needs. Engagement with each client is bid on an individual basis to make sure the existing infrastructure is sustained, so as to reduce the impact on the work culture. Call us 1800.846.1619 FREE or fill out the contact form to get started.