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Encompass can realize an average of 57 percent ROI in less than three months

  • A sample company using Ellie Mae’s Encompass can realize an average of 57 percent ROI in less than three months, reduce costs per loan by $231 and avoid up to $75,000 in annual compliance costs – commissioned study by Forrester Consulting.
  • More than 90,000 mortgage professionals trust Encompass® to minimize origination costs and maximize retail, wholesale, correspondent lending performance. (Source –

Encompass360 can better your Loan origination process, We can better your Encompass360 Implementation and Administration!

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Are you facing some of these challenges in the mortgage origination space?

  • Decrease in mortgage purchase loan volumes
  • Change in the sourcing model
  • Regulatory Compliance

These challenges are a result of macro-economic conditions but banks need to put in place systems and processes to manage what has become the “new normal” for the industry. Technology can be a great enabler in achieving growth by overcoming these challenges.

Many in the forefront are compelled to look for effective technology solution in Loan origination space and TakeFive Consulting has been one of the pioneers in Encompass360 Consulting to evaluate, select and implement one of the leading Loan origination systems – Encompass360.

Why do you need an experienced consultant to deploy Encompass360?

Mortgage Banking Magazine reports that 78% of implementations are either late, over-budget or failed to meet expectations while 11% are cancelled or abandoned altogether. Origination systems are expensive, but the total cost isn’t just what you will pay the vendor. It’s also the 3x cost of the software that is tied up in the opportunity costs, internal employee costs, and the direct labor associated with implementing a new system.

As an experienced Encompass 360 Consultant, TakeFive offers 360° consulting for Encompass Business Analysis, Encompass360 Implementation and Encompass Administration.

Here is a comparison between Encompass360 and few other major players.

LOS Pricing Compliance risk Loan quality Features ROI Control
Encompass 360 Broker and Banker Edition Fixed Standard Pricing or Success based pricing – Pay based on the number of loans you close 370 state, local and federal regulations, automated LO Compensation plan. Mavent Compliance Engine. Total Quality Loan™ (TQL) program On-demand as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) OCR Technology. Built-In Compliance Engine, Separate Production and Test Environment 57 percent ROI in less than three months (Study) Encompass WebCenter
Powerlender Monthly fee Need to modify as per the requirements Need to modify as per the requirements Need to integrate with third party provides a variety of audit capabilities so you know who did what and when. Delivered with separate development, test and production systems. N/A No need to re-customize
Common Origination Platform ASP delivery model Spreadsheet based matrix data manager – all product and pricing info, rules for eligibility Request and render complete document list based on product type, state and status of the loan Open architecture solution. Can be deployed as a traditional client/server deployment on your local server. All business rules are under your complete control. You can customize PowerLender to meet
your unique, ever-changing business need, quickly and easily, without programming, and without
relying on us.
Single customer view across lending channels and products Business rules management system – loan summary report for customer
Relay -Blueberry Rapid Implementation Program Monthly Pricing per user RELAY’s data audit framework collaborates to create sophisticated business processes Dynamic and user-defined business rules engine Extensible database, three dimensional integration and a data audit framework Extensive library of best practices to combine with your unique business process Model Office Program
BytePro ClickOnce – a Microsoft technology, Pay per user Validation Rules ensure compliance and consistency Validation rules are enforced when the status of the loan is changed Macros for Automation are a powerful tool you use to program automatic functions. BytePro SDK lets you develop add-ins into the BytePro user interface. Centralized administration via the SQL Server database

How can TakeFive Help with Encompass Implementation and administration:

Feature assistance:
If you need assistance with any of your encompass features, whether to integrate an existing technology or develop a new functionality or a custom application, TakeFive Consulting has experienced technologists with financial services exposure offering more than a few options ranging from IT Staffing and consulting to project outsourcing. We offer custom Encompass implementation and administration services
If you are looking for something that are not on the list, please Contact us.

Utilities Development
TakeFive Consulting, with its deep financial services experiences, has developed custom Encompass360 utilities that enhance the existing loan origination in terms of workflow and compliance capabilities. Please contact us to have your business process analyzed and develop custom utilities or integrate already existing.

Plugins Management
Each business process is unique; plugins become a way of connecting business processes to fulfill requirements from different departments and business units. TakeFive consulting develops custom and integrate third part plugins for a seamless Encompass360 environment.

Please Contact us to request for plugin development.

Forms management
TakeFive Consulting offers custom input forms such as Closing, Origination, Processing, Underwriting, Compliance etc., to streamline operations and processes within the Encompass360 platform. Accommodating new complex and numerous regulations easily and flawlessly into the system would increase your opportunity to succeed and we aim to work with you.

Please Contact us to create custom input forms.

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